Utilizing the advanced functionality of the new generation MT-151, MT-251 and MT-331 telemetry modules in applications developed and implemented by Control System.

In 2016, all implementations made by our team were based on new generation modules: MT-151 LED and HMI, MT-251, and MT-331. The increased resources available in MT-151 together with the high performance of the modern processor used in this module significantly enhanced the functionality. The MT-251 3G gateway and WELOTEC routers provided seamless processing of data streams generated in networks consisting of over 120 telemetry modules. In many applications, the MT-331 module was used, which, due to its ability to work in two power modes, proved to be an extremely interesting device. Our full application story can be found on pages number 68-82 of “TELEMETRON” magazine which you can download using the link below.

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