MT series telemetry modules

The rapidly developing GSM/GPRS technology quickly conquered the professional telemetry applications market, getting an advantage over the costly traditional radio modem solutions. Its wide areas of applications include water-sewage industry, agriculture, power and gas, remote reading of media consumption, environmental protection, and many more.

The most important benefits of wireless GSM/GPRS technology usage in remote monitoring and control are:

  • quick and easy implementation
  • low cost (compared to the radio modem solutions)
  • no need for complicated and expensive radio antenna systems
  • unlimited distance between the monitored objects and the central SCADA system
  • insensibility to lay of the land and obstacles (such as forests or high buildings)
  • capability to send alarm messages directly to the mobile phones of responsible staff

The GPRS technology enables users to acquire direct and secure access to the information, using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) as well as standard PCs and laptops. The event-driven transmission (the monitored object is autonomously sending data under certain, defined by user circumstances) allows fast and reliable communication with the central SCADA system, which is especially important in large installations with hundreds of interconnected devices and monitoring points.



In our company’s offer, you will find MT series telemetry modules, produced by Inventia, a global supplier of telemetry products based on GSM 2G/3G/LTE and GPS mobile technologies. Founded in 2001 and located in Warszawa, Poland, Inventia has become one of the leaders in professional GPRS telemetry having sold over 110 000 telemetry modules to 63 countries in the world. Inventia’s success has been built by the team of IT, industrial automation, and telecommunication specialists with huge engineering experience.

The MT series telemetry modules have embedded functionality of GSM/GPRS modem, PLC, transmission protocols converter, and data logger. After powering up the module will log into the GPRS network automatically, and then, without need for external commands, It will execute the required functions, defined by the user with easy to use, intuitive configuration and system integration software tools, providing open connectivity to customer SCADA systems, relational databases, and data management systems.

The MT modules quickly gained recognition among users who value innovation and high quality, not only in Poland (Gold Medal on AUTOMATICON Fair, Grand Prix on WODKAN Fair) but worldwide as well (Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Finland, Norway, Russia, Great Britain, Slovakia, Spain, Israel, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, USA, Croatia, Greece, Colombia, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, Tunisia, South Africa, Italy, Lithuania, and Hungary).



Examples of applications include monitoring and control of water/sewage pumping stations, water level measurement (wells, water intakes, rivers, retention tanks), remote reading of media consumption (water, gas, electricity, heat), monitoring of temperature and humidity in silos, air pollution measurements, data transfer from meteo (weather)  stations and many more.

Our company has the status of “Excellent Partner telemetria.pl”. Our team will gladly assist you in choosing the best telemetry module for your application. We are also ready to supply you with:

  • professional, MT series telemetry and control modules, enabling communication with external devices and the implementation of local control programs
  • custom made software, expertise, and solutions dedicated for MT series telemetry modules
  • battery-operated, energy-saving measuring, and recording devices
  • modems and routers, communication gates, converters, and I / O extensions
  • antennas, cables, spare batteries, sensors and measuring transducers, buffer power supplies




For more information please check Inventia’s website (https://www.inventia.pl/en/home-page/). You can also write to us at crm@control-system.pl or use the contact form at the bottom of the website.



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