SCADA systems

A SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is an automation control system, used in industries such as energy, oil and gas, water, power, and many more. The centralized SCADA system is capable of monitoring and controlling entire sites, ranging from simple objects such as a single, small measurement chamber to industrial plant or even a complex of plants located across the entire country. A professional SCADA system provides the user with real-time, remote controls, and supervision of nearly any equipment within the system.

Our company focuses on supplying customers with professional SCADA systems, dedicated to the water industry. We offer both our original SCADA software solutions and widely recognized SCADA platforms for industrial supervision such as Progea’s Movicon 11.6, one of the most innovative and flexible, open SCADA systems.

Control System is listed as the official, authorized Progea Movicon Solution Provider. We can assist you with all your needs regarding the development, integration, and maintenance of your supervisory, control, and data acquisition applications. We are dedicated to providing the best, complete solutions for the water industry through our professional GPRS/3G/GPS/LTE telemetry systems with real-time process monitoring, visualization, and control, based on high-quality, well-established technologies, unmatched for its reliability, simplicity, and performance.

Our applications offer:

  • User-friendly interface, fully scalable architecture.
  • Real-time monitoring, remote measurements, control, and diagnostics. Reports, Trends, Alarms, and Data Analysis modules.
  • Access through a web browser (compatible with Android tablet, smartphone, and Windows PC/laptop).
  • The maximum level of protection. Secure SSL / TLS data transmission.
  • Full server redundancy, cutting-edge cloud security. Data stored exclusively in Amazon Web Services data centers in the fully encrypted databases (applies to the MT-Viewer© app).
  • Automated back-up mechanisms.

Main advantages of SCADA system implementation:

  • Improve your service diagnostics capabilities. Complex and effective, real-time process verification, supervision, and control.
  • Measurement reliability – you don’t have to rely only on costly display readings anymore.
  • Enhanced and facilitated data acquisition and analysis, thanks to in-built Reports, Trends, and Data Analysis modules.
  • Identify potential leakages/ water loss.
  • The additional pressure and temperature monitoring. Avoid costly repairs and breakdowns.
  • Increase the customer’s trust in your products. Bring them additional value.
  • Prevent overbilling, monitor your water usage. Historical data analysis.
  • Implement the Lean Six Sigma approach in your technical support: eliminate waste (muda). The majority of flowmeters’ defects and breakdowns reported by clients are false (clogging, dirty sensors, battery, and power problems). Such situations lead to costly on-site service visits and can incite client company misunderstandings.

We employ an experienced team of design engineers and technology experts who are well prepared for executing custom, typical and nontypical SCADA projects. In our 25 years of experience we have integrated over 12000 objects into various SCADA systems.



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